Farmer pouring milk into a container

Helping build capacity in the dairy industry

Tetra Laval’s and Tetra Pak’s Dairy Hub model aims to help dairy processors in developing countries improve local milk quality by educating and organising smallholder farmers, helping them move from subsistence farming to profitable dairy production in the process.

Today there are successful Dairy Hubs in Bangladesh and Nicaragua, and new projects are under way in Senegal, Kenya and, most recently, in Sri Lanka. In Jaffna, a region of Sri Lanka ravaged by civil war, Tetra Pak has worked with local producer, Cargills, to build a dairy infrastructure almost from scratch. Volumes have been building since the project began in 2013, from zero to 6,000 litres per day.

“We are finally able to stand on our own two feet and provide for our children without being in debt,” says one local farmer. “The project has been a godsend to us.” Read more about this project on