Smallholder milk farmer in Bangladesh

Starting with the cow

How do you help dairy farmers improve productivity and expand their business? And how do you introduce modern husbandry techniques to smallholder farms? Tetra Laval’s international Dairy Expert, Morgan Tinnberg, has the answer – you start by caring for the cow!

“It doesn’t matter how many animals you have, or how the business is structured,” Morgan says. “To be successful, you need to know how to care for the cow.” By first familiarising farmers with modern animal husbandry techniques, and providing essential knowledge and advice via the Dairy Hub model, like the one set up in Bangladesh with Tetra Pak customer, PRAN,  he helps milk farmers improve productivity and increase their capacity.

Teaching and helping farmers can be an effective way of winning their trust, suggests Morgan. “Don’t start by saying ‘invest in milking machines’; start by saying ‘manage your cows’.” He adds that “improved feeding models increase productivity without adding costs, so the farmers can see straight away how they can benefit by following your advice”​.

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