Infographic showing hunger in Pakistan

10 facts about hunger in Pakistan

Around six in every ten people in Pakistan do not have a secure source of food, despite food production being sufficient to feed the population. This has resulted in almost half of all women, and children under five, being malnourished.

In addition, growth stunting is widespread, affecting around half of all children, which in a global perspective, is worryingly high. The numbers show that many families can’t sustain a nutritious enough diet and the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are low.

The World Food Program (WFP) recently published these and other statistics to raise awareness about hunger in Pakistan. With whole swathes of the country having long been affected by natural disaster, poverty and hunger, it was time to shine a light on the problem, and what is being done about it.

Several initiatives are improving the situation. WFP assisted over 3.6 million people in Pakistan last year, helping pregnant mothers, infants and students secure the nutrition they need. The Government of Pakistan continues to support WFP operations, as the second largest donor in the country after the United States.