Smallholder farmers

Putting farmers in control of their futures

Global consulting firm, Hystra, recently released a report covering solutions to increase productivity among smallholder farmers and, in the long term, their incomes and livelihoods.

“Smallholder farmers and business – 15 pioneering collaborations for improved productivity and sustainability” is a result of a review of 300 cases of which Tetra Laval’s Dairy Hub project together with PRAN in Bangladesh, was one of the 15 successful solutions included in the report.

Overall findings of the study can be summarised in three broad sections:

  • Strategies for creating new value along the value chain
  • How to cost-efficiently create value and capturing the created value
  • Sharing value with organisations and farmers

Overall, the report shows how pioneer companies have succeeded in increasing income and livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers around the world by sourcing produce from them. Another conclusion of the report is that companies can increase their margins significantly by working with smallholder farmers.