Woman collecting water from river. Credit: Gilles Paire/ Shutterstock

The importance of water

Water is key to food security and nutrition. According to United Nations, nearly 800 million people lack access to safe water, which undermines the well-being of people and brings water-borne diseases and infections. This FAO report explores the relationship between water and food security and nutrition, from household level to a global level.

Water is also fundamental to many businesses and to the communities where they operate. Through the Coca Cola Flagship programme, The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), sustainable communities are built in 35 African countries. RAIN invests in clean water access and improved water and sanitation access for school children.

PepsiCo is another company who has water on its agenda. The PepsiCo Foundation has identified projects and partners to provide safe water access to people in underserved communities in China, India, Mali, Brazil, Colombia and other Latin American countries. This is accomplished through a variety of initiatives, like water conservation, distribution, purification and hygiene.