Empowering women coffee farmers

Farming by women is a much talked about topic. In a World Bank report focusing on improving opportunities for women farmers in Africa, it is suggested that enabling women farmers to be more productive could also benefit Africa’s next generation, that is, families in which women influence economic decisions allocate more income to food, health, education and children’s nutrition. The report suggests that improving gender equality through agriculture could  translate into a generation of Africans who are better fed, better educated and better equipped to make productive contributions to their economies, within agriculture and beyond.

Zoegas Coffee by Women

In the spirit of improving productivity and enabling women farmers, coffee brand Zoegas, which sits within the Nestle stable, in 2011 initiated their Coffee by Women initiative which aims to include more women in coffee farming in Kenya. Their goal is, in addition to increasing the number of female farmers, to grow the amount of sustainably-produced coffee beans.

According to Zoegas, there is a shortage in the production of sustainably-produced coffee beans and the benefits with the farming technique have to be better communicated and demonstrated. They believe the private sector plays an important role in investing in developing countries but also in guiding the consumers towards sustainable choices.

Find out more about Coffee by Women in this video with Zoegas Nordics Marketing Manager, Cathrine Ossborn.