Supporting pilot school milk programme

Post 1 of 6,  April 2015

I am in Peru to provide technical support to the recently launched pilot school milk programme that is a component of the Qali Warma National School Feeding Programme under the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS). In addition to packaged milk, processed by Laive and fortified with cereals and DHA, the pilot also distributes bread to students.

This is my 4th mission to Peru in support of school feeding programming on behalf of the Tetra Pak Peru office, which is part of Tetra Pak Andina. The first two missions were to advocate school feeding programming to the Peruvian government and other local stakeholders, and the last two missions were conducted to provide technical support to Qali Warma school feeding programmes.

My first day of the current mission included receiving an update from Tetra Peru personnel, responsible for providing support to the pilot school milk programme regarding programme organization activities and to discuss technical mission modalities. Members of the technical mission team include Tetra Pak Peru and Tetra Laval FfDO personnel.


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