New school and official signing ceremony

Post 3 of 3, Apr 2015

Today I visited yet another school to introduce the program to both children and parents. I got to talk to the parents about how important it is that they assist the teachers in implementing the school milk program, and provided them with some guidance on activities they could do. Many parents expressed their appreciation that their children were receiving milk.

Later in the day I participated in the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Tacloban School Milk Program stakeholders. I also had the opportunity to speak to launch participants about school and community involvement in the program implementation.

I had a busy, but productive day in Tacloban, and I feel very confident that the school milk program will be well implemented and managed by local stakeholders.Image-01-MRH-0003-2015-02_850px

Image 01-MRH-0003-2015-03


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