Visiting dairy processors in two African countries

Post 1 of 7, Mar 2015

On my way to Namibia and Botswana this week to meet dairy processors interested in introducing or strengthening school milk. Really looking forward to seeing two new countries where I have never been before. I am very happy to hear that school milk is high on the Namibian government’s agenda and really look forward to learning more about the opportunities for introduction of UHT milk in the Namibian school feeding programme.

It is a long journey, 17 hours door to door from my home in Stockholm to the hotel in Johannesburg, my “hub” this week, so I try to combine as many productive meetings as possible. This time I have no school or farm visits scheduled unfortunately, just meetings in conference rooms. I had hoped to see some farms in Namibia but learned they are all too far from the capital Windhoek. Namibia is a very large country with a very small population, just 2 million people. Most of the small holder farmers, or communal farmers as they are called in Namibia, are in the north and Windhoek is in the central part of the country. I hope to be able to at least meet a dairy farmer to learn more about the conditions for farmers and cows. One can prepare by reading reports and statistics, but in the end one needs to meet the farmers themselves to get a full and true picture.

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